Millwards is all about bringing joy and contentment into the homes of those who know and seek the simple pleasure of being surrounded by beauty. Whether it be a piece of art that evokes a particular emotion, the language a vintage piece of furniture speaks through its design and craftsmanship or maybe the conversations sparked by that one of kind piece, you will , no doubt, find it here. No other space or model affords the same valued opportunities available through consignment. Variety, quality and affordability are all enjoyed, whether you are the consigner capitalizing on once loved pieces being passed on or, the client who finds that irresistible piece for a fraction of its original retail value. Styles and designs we love are varied and abundant. An eclectic mix of traditional, vintage, industrial or shabby chic is just a small sampling of what we accept and offer in our space at Millwards. Come enjoy the thrill of consignment sharing at its finest.

May your home and lives be filled with beauty and joy
– Don & Liz –