How to Consign

Please send pictures of items being considered for consignment to be assessed for marketability by our trained staff initially. Items being considered must be desirable for today’s trends. Must be in clean and good condition. Must be odor and pet free. We will notify you by email of items accepted. Once we have received items, list pricing will be recommended. Once pricing and consignment terms have been agreed upon, items will be placed on showroom floor.

If you are unable to send photo’s, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Terms of Contract

Your accepted furniture and décor items will be displayed in Millwards Consignment showroom for ten weeks.  At the end of these ten weeks if your items have not been sold, it is important that you pick them up within seven days or they will be donated. **Please keep track of these dates as we will not be contacting you to remind you.** If they have been sold, you will receive forty percent of items that are sold for less than two hundred dollars (not including tax) and fifty percent for items sold over two hundred dollars (not including tax). Please note that all consigned items are subject to sales of up to twenty five percent off of listed price. Status of your account is your responsibility to track. Although Millwards Consignment will not be initiating contact with account information it is easily obtained simply by contacting us by phone or email as listed below.

Requests for payouts can be made any time after items have been sold. Payouts under one hundred dollars will be made in cash while payouts over one hundred dollars will be made by cheque and will require 48 hour notice.

We look forward to meeting you and serving you in a friendly and capable manner. Thank you for choosing Millwards Consignment.

Track your Items

Your items can be tracked online simply by hitting the “check my account” button below.

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